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Why You Definitely Need to Monitor Your Storage Infrastructure

Last weekend, a good friend of mine had a massive data loss. His data is stored conscientiously on a fail-safe NAS system. An additional standby disk is even available for seamless replacement in the event of a hard disk failure. Nevertheless, his NAS was not available when trying to access it. A ping of the device was possible, but any attempts to access the folder structure led to error messages.

Digitization of the Healthcare Sector in 2018

Doctors’ expectations regarding comprehensive access to patient data are also changing with the advent of digitalization. The goal is to put all the necessary patient data and information at the doctor’s disposal for a medical examination, starting with the patient’s personal data, then patient history, X-rays, or laboratory results.

What You Need to Know about Traceroute

Bonnie and Clyde. Salt and pepper. Peanut butter and jelly. Some things fit so well together that it is almost impossible to separate them when talking or thinking about them. And so it is with ping and traceroute. Whether you are a network n00b or a veteran administrator, ping and traceroute are probably your first two ports of call when troubleshooting network connectivity or latency issues. Since we covered ping in a previous post, it makes sense that we now take a look at its slightly more capable cousin. 

Monitor the Way We Work

What constitutes the office of the future? This is something we would like to explore in this article, which deliberately places itself in a line with the many other articles that we publish on the subject of IoT. Because IoT is not only a detached concept of how an intelligent house should look like; IoT encompasses almost every area of our lives and therefore also our jobs.

Do You Already Know the PRTG Script World?

You are already using the whole range of PRTG functions? Your use cases are special, deeply technical and need code support? You want to automate tasks?

Shaun's Monthly Monitor: Musk, Russian Trolls, and Lizard Spies

In any given month there is too much tech and IT news to cover in one round up, but here I highlight the most interesting and entertaining from the past month. In this edition: Meltdown/Spectre, Musk, Russians, Apple’s Glass Wall Problems, and Lizard Spies. Seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up.

What We Learned When We Moved from Our Exchange Servers to Exchange Online and Office 365

The demand for cloud services has greatly increased within the last years. The acceptance of the cloud is rather high in the business world, which you can see from the massive survey we conducted at the beginning of 2017.

Connected Mind: How the Internet of Things Becomes The Internet of Awareness

Ray Kurzweil, author, computer scientist and inventor has publicly speculated in his 2005 book "The Singularity Is Near" that by the year 2045 a runaway self-aware, super intelligence will bring unfathomable changes to human civilization. 

9 Tools for Creating Professional Network Maps

Network mapping tools play a crucial role in all network environments, since they help administrators stay on top of things. For instance, they provide basic information on which devices are on the network, what their addresses are, which components they directly communicate with, which communication methods they use and much more. Consequently, an up-to-date and detailed network map is indispensable for most IT managers.

What You Miss If You Don’t Update! - PRTG Release

We just released PRTG Network Monitor stable version some days ago. It includes the brand-new REST Dell EMC Storage BETA sensors, stability improvements for Exchange sensors, and many other improvements and fixes.

Spectre and Meltdown: What’s Left after Everyone Panicked for a Moment?

All these Spectre and Meltdown security risks remind me of Bill Maher jokes: you don’t know if you get them, but at least you know you’re not laughing. Maybe it’s not as dangerous as everyone thinks. Or maybe it is? What we do know is that there are now almost 140 different malware samples trying to exploit the Meltdown and Spectre processor gaps. It’s hard to determine whether this has led to concrete attacks on users; however, it is highly probable that there haven’t been any such attacks. Also, we know the history of the whole mess, but what don’t we know? Everything else. 

Sensor Stories That We Need to Show You: 3 Creative, Unique Use Cases of PRTG

Not winning a contest sucks. This whole "it's not about winning" thing is a lot of nonsense. However, if participants receive a separate prize after a contest because of special creativity, then they really deserve it.  Today we would like to introduce 3 participants of our Sensor Story Contest, who were not among the original winners, but whose creativity, technical know-how and detailed documentation still have to be appreciated. But because we all love the thrill, only one of the presented ones will win our special prize: a PlayStation 4 Pro. Who that will be? That's for you to decide. Comment on this blog or on Facebook and the participant with the most votes is going to win. 

How to Cut Through The IPv4 Subnet Mask Jungle

Although IPv6 has been in regular operation for almost 20 years, its saturation within corporate networks is still relatively low. Switching from IPv4 to IPv6 is a long-standing process that requires good planning and involves parallel operation of the two protocols.

How to Use Ping for Troubleshooting

Ping is a simple tool. It sends out an echo request and waits for a reply. That’s it. But, in that simplicity there is much potential for troubleshooting network issues and finding problems.

Keeping an Eye on Singapore – a Huge Monitoring Challenge

Smart devices, smart buildings, and smart cities: With IoT, the trend is clear that we will be analyzing and monitoring large parts of our personal and community life in the future. As a monitoring company, we follow this process with an alert eye and many projects dealing with the topic of IoT.